Collections at ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives are primarily national in scope, with special focus on LGBTQ histories in the Los Angeles region. The archives also include a number of international materials, such as archival records and rare publications.


Archival Collections

ONE houses over 600 archival collections of personal papers from activists, artists and ordinary citizens, as well as records from LGBTQ political, social, educational and cultural organizations. The collections include a wide array of materials such as manuscripts, photographs, letters, graphics, and other historically significant materials.

Find more information on Archival Collections at ONE here.


USC Digital Library

Spanning a wide range of visual media, the USC Digital Library offers digital images of drawings, illuminated manuscripts, maps, photographs, posters, prints, rare illustrated books, as well as audio and video recordings. Numerous images from collections at ONE are included in the digital library.

Search images from ONE Archives on the USC Digital Library here.

Over 600 digitized images from ONE’s collections are also viewable for purposes of education and personal research in our Digital Gallery here.


Books & Periodicals

ONE’s main library collection comprises over 30,000 volumes of books and monographs; as well as over 8,000 titles of periodicals, such as magazines, newspapers and newsletters. From issues of the earliest American LGBTQ publications to the most recent LGBTQ titles, the collection includes many rare and unusual titles, some of which may be the only copies in existence. The library also includes foreign publications in more than 25 different languages.

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Search Books & Periodicals here.


Art & Art Photography

ONE Archives’ art collection include over 4,000 paintings, drawings, works on paper, photographs, and sculptural objects, the majority of which date from the 1940s to the present.

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ONE’s collection of audiovisual materials includes over 4,000 films, 14,000 videos (including 10 years of recorded lectures from ONE, Inc.), and 3,000 audio recordings.  Many of ONE’s films and videos are stored and preserved in conjunction with the Outfest Legacy Project at the UCLA Film & Television Archives. Additional information, including an inventory of ONE’s collections held at the UCLA Film & Television Archives, can be found at here.

Search Audiovisual here.


Posters, Textiles & Objects

ONE Archives also collects and houses over 3,500 posters; textiles, such as t-shirts, banners and flags; and memorabilia such as buttons, matchbooks, dolls and other three-dimensional objects.

Search Posters, Textiles & Objects here.


A research account is required to use materials or order reproductions from the ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives. To register and request items before your visit, please log on here.

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