ONE Queer Film Fest

ONE Archives 4th Annual Queer Film Fest

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Sunday, October 13, 2013, 3-5pm

Downtown Independent Theater
251 South Main Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

ONE Archives is excited to announce the return of our annual ONE Queer Film Fest! This year’s line-up of queer films is our best yet. The program will celebrate the rich history and culture of the LGBTQ community with a special focus on showcasing works by contemporary filmmakers. The festival will be followed by a post-screening reception in the lobby. All proceeds benefit ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives.

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Short films to be screened at this year’s ONE Queer Film Fest include:

The Stories We Tell
By Rachel Poulain
Running time: 18 minutes

Carrying a dream and a camera, four queer women of color retrace their passage into the world of filmmaking and inspire The Stories We Tell.

The Stories We Tell- MonicaFilmStill


Directed by Chris Chew
Running time: 18 minutes

When our intrepid heroine Darcy gets her heart broken on her 30th birthday, her friends rally around to help her recover. To lift her spirits, they concoct a two-step plan:

1. Get revenge on the heartbreaker
2. Get Darcy fast hookups via online dating sites
Mayhem ensues.



Change Over Time
Directed by Ewan Duarte
Running time: 7 minutes

Change Over Time is an animated, experimental, personal documentary about the filmmaker’s first year on testosterone from an impressionistic and poetic perspective.

Change Over Time


24 Hitchhikers
Directed by Paul Detwiler
Running time: 5 minutes

The roadside pickups of a closeted government official in the late ’60s and early ’70s are artfully and erotically re-imagined through period-perfect black-and-white photography in this poetic short by Paul Detwiler, equal parts meditative memory piece and bearded-beefcake bonanza.











Directed by Patrick Hancock
Running time: 8 minutes

“P.D.A.” centers on an urban gay couple who are having a lighthearted discussion about their very different views on holding hands in public, leading to a much bigger exploration of their relationship and more.



Remember Me in Red
Directed by Hector Ceballos
Running time: 16 minutes

After a Latina transgender community leader named Alma Flora dies, her best friend, Fidelia, arranges her funeral. However, Alma Flora’s parents arrive unexpectedly from Mexico and decide to bury Alma as a man. Fidelia struggles to find a way to honor her best friend’s memory as the woman her friend’s knew.



Dragstrip 66: Frockumentary Featurette
Directed by Phil Scanlon and Paul V
Running time: 10 minutes

The nightclub Dragstrip 66 forever changed Los Angeles nightlife with its subversive collision of performance, music, fashion, masquerade, and fun.  The “Frockumentary Featurette” is an exclusive first look from the forthcoming documentary that chronicles 20 years of an iconic and beloved queer space that welcomed all.

dragstrip 66










Directed by Caitlin Trost
Running time: 3 1/2 minutes

Two neighbors, whose remote controlled ceiling fans are unknowingly controlled by each other, disrupt one another’s late night activities.

FANtom Still


Rad Queers
Directed by Graham Kolbiens
Running time: 9 minutes

Smashing taboos and redefining philanthropy, Payasos L.A. is an organization of gay Latino men who wear clown make-up, go-go dance, and try to make the world a better place for future generations. Rad Queers: Payasos L.A. takes a look at the Payasos’ optimistic philosophy as well as their sexy fund-raising parties. “Mr. Los Angeles Leather” 2011 title-holder and Payasos founder Leo Iriarte walks us through the wild world of his happy band of clowns, providing a uniquely personal perspective on this extraordinary group.





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