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ONE Queer Garden Club: Mosaic Tile Workshop


Saturday, November 18 from 10am-2pm* 

Fellow gardeners and artists come revel in your creative side at the ONE Archives for a Mosaic Tile Art Making Workshop with expert mosaic artist Jolino Beserra.

ONE Queer Garden Club (OQGC) will be embarking on a journey of several workshops creating community-created art pieces to beautify the succulent garden space. We’re going to begin by tiling stepping stones from the original garden to use as colorful border pieces. Each participant in the workshop will get to select a stone and decorate their own individual art piece which will then be placed in the garden. This first workshop will get you acquainted with the process of working with tile. Future gatherings and workshops will evolve and you can learn new techniques and try out new designs each time. We’ll also be discussing how to create works that will honor LGBTQIA heroes and icons of the community so we can install them and develop the Legacy Garden aspect of the space.

Jolino Beserra will bring his equipment and help guide us through the process how to create long-lasting tile pieces. We will have all necessary supplies on hand, but we encourage you to bring any assortment of objects that you may want to include in the mosaics. Some objects work better than others for weathering the elements, but Jolino will be on hand to help us figure that out. We suggest you also visit his website to view the amazing variety of photo samples there to get an idea of what is possible.


In the meantime here is a list of items you can bring to make art with:

  • Ceramic tile
  • Glass marbles
  • Broken pottery, china, mugs, glasses, plates, etc.
  • Old figurines, brooches, pins, buttons, coins, glass bobbles, knick-knacks, etc.

The workshop is FREE, but we welcome any donations help us keep such workshops and events going!

You can drop in and out of the workshop anytime, but we suggest arriving no later than 1pm. We may go a bit beyond 2pm. We will be creating the art pieces on the East side of the building in the shaded area, not the sunny West side where the succulent garden is located.

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