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“Cock, Paper, Scissors” showcases the work of fifteen queer, intergenerational artists, drawing from both archival collections and contemporary practices to focus on how the artists reuse the pieces of print culture for worldmaking projects ranging from the era of gay liberation to the present. Purchase “Cock, Paper, Scissors” here.



“Die Kranken” explores the work of a group formed in 2015, in response to the extensive holdings on gay motorcycle clubs in Southern California housed at ONE Archives, as they strive for new strategies of queer radically through a variety of multimedia and performative strategies. Purchase “Die Kranken” here.




“Stand Close, It’s Shorter Than You Think: a show on feminist rage” explores the promises and pitfalls of thinking with rage as a meditation, an inspiration, a medium, and a process. Purchase “Stand Close” here.




Transgender History in 99 Objects: Legends and Mythologies examines objects that hold significance in narrating the history of transgender communities, blurring the line between the real and the imaginary and embracing partial facts, rumors, and maybes. Purchase “Transgender Hirstory” here.





Mattachine Recommends Me Tote Bag: Founded by Harry Hay in 1950, the Mattachine Society was one of the first gay rights organizations in the United States.





“Volupså” marks the 100-year anniversary of the Norwegian suffrage movement and was published by the Norwegian artist platform FRANK.




“Funeral Doom Spiritual” accompanies the 2016 exhibition of M. Lamar.

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