Revised April 2, 2000

Under the Chuppah

    Nothing else comes closer to the real thing than:
Chicks in White Satin [@PlanetOut/QPopcorn listing]
A film by Elaine Holliman [1993, USA, 16mm, 27 minutes, color, English]
Spiced with humor and intelligence, this student Academy Award-nominated film explores the universal themes of parental acceptance and matrimonial love. A lesbian couple are portrayed preparing for their wedding ceremony. Veils, bridal gowns and showers mark the journey joining one bride with another, and each mother and father with their daughters.
Distributed by Holliman Productions, 2247 28th St A, Santa Monica. CA 90402 (310)396-5890.

For Better or Worse: Same-Sex Marriage
By Elizabeth Vargas for ABC News:Turning Point [1996, USA, video, 45 minutes, color, English]
First broadcasted Thursday, November 7, 1996. This documentary looks at the issue of same-sex marriage by interviewing four same-sex couples who chose to publicly marry. Includes members of the tribe: Sharon Silverstein, Doug Wythe and Andrew Merling. Distributed by ABC News.
    For additional information on ceremonies, the following books may prove useful:
A Ceremonies Sampler: New Rites, Celebrations, and Observances of Jewish Women
Edited by Elizabeth Resnick Levine. ISBN 0-9608054-9-4 (paper)
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Ceremonies of the Heart: Celebrating Lesbian Unions
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