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Jewish Gay Erotica

Kosher Meat
Paperback $14.95, ISBN 1-890932-10-8
Sherman Asher Publishing, Santa Fee, NM

Kosher Meat
Edited by Lawrence Schimel

Kosher Meat is an insightful compilation of explicit short fiction exploring facets of the intersection of Jewish identity and gay sexuality. From a tale of an ex-porn actor who lives across the street from a yeshiva, a gay San Francisco couple who attend an S&M party after shabbat services, the creation of a golem, a visit to the Holocaust Museum, to cruising after dark in Tel Aviv, these stories run the gamut of both Jewish and gay subcultures, but their themes are always constant: the workings of the human heart, the body and its desires. These revealing tales of love and lust -- often poignant, but with a good dash of both chutzpah and camp -- will enlighten, delight, arouse, and inspire the reader, while pushing the limits of previously conceived notions as to the intersections of sexuality and religion.

Lawrence Schimel is the author or editor of over twenty titles including The Mammoth Book of Gay Erotica, and The Drag Queen of Elfland. PoMoSexuals: Challenging Assumptions About Gender and Sexuality, co-edited with Carol Queen, won the1998 Lambda Literary Award and was a finalist for the Small Press Book Award and the Firecracker Alternative Book Award.

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Jewish Lesbian Erotica

Friday the rabbi wore lace
Paperback $14.95, ISBN 1-57344-041-8
Cleis Press, San Francisco, CA

Friday the Rabbi Wore Lace
Edited by Karen X. Tulchinsky

Literate, steamy erotica told in true Jewish tradition with humor, heart and chutzpah.

"Like most Jewish dykes, I was raised to become a nice Jewish girl who would grow up to marry a nice Jewish boy -- preferably a doctor," writes Karen X. Tulchinsky in the introduction to Friday The Rabbi Wore Lace. "Imagine my parents' surprise when I came out as a lesbian and they watched helplessly, as year after year I became more and more butch ... I didn't marry a nice Jewish boy, but I look like one."

Karen X. Tulchinsky is a nice Jewish Lesbian who lives and writes in Vancouver, Canada. She is the award-winning author of Love Ruins Everything, a novel, and In Her Nature, a collection of short stories.

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