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  1. Aimee & Jaguar
    Aimee & Jaguar [1999, Germany, 35mm, color, 125 minutes, German] @PQ
  2. Afflicted
    Amos Gutman [1982, Israel, video, b/w, 25 minutes, Hebrew w/English subtitles] @PQ
    The story of a young, closeted Israeli man who visits a drag bar one night in search of sexual expression.
  3. After the War You Have to Tell Everyone About the Dutch Gay Resistance Fighters
    Claus Müller [1995, The Netherlands, video, 57 minutes] @PQ
    While many historians have written about the Dutch Underground, the participation of gay and lesbian heroes have been virtually ignored--until now.
  4. Alive and Kicking
    Nancy Meekler [1996, UK, 35mm, 100 minutes, color, English]
    "Martin Sherman (author of Bent) and Nancy Meckler (director of Sister, My Sister, a highlight of the 1995 festival) have collaborated to create this moving and romantic drama set in the British ballet world. Tonio (Jason Flemyng), an HIV-positive dancer with the Ballet Luna dance company, a troupe decimated by AIDS, has seen friends and lovers die of the disease. He begins a relationship with Jack (Antony Sher), a neurotic and alcoholic therapist. The intensity of their relationship is matched by Tonio's need for artistic expression, culminating in his dancing the lead in a revival of a notorious pas de deux for two men, "Indian Summer." With its extravagant emotionalism and campy wit, Alive and Kicking is like a gay Red Shoes in the era of AIDS."
    A First Look Pictures release.
  5. Amazing Grace
    Amos Gutman [1992, Israel, 35mm & video, 95 minutes, color, Hebrew w/English subtitles] @PQ
    The story of the relationship between two very different young men, one enthusiastic and loving, the other distant and secretive. This is the first Israeli film dealing with AIDS. It won Best Film at the 1992 Jerusalem International Film Festival.
  6. Amos Gutman, Filmaker
    Ran Kotzer [1997, Israel, video, 64 minutes, color, Hebrew w/English subtitles]
    Documentary about the late Israeli filmaker.
    Video source: Ran Kotzer, 4 Lilian Street, Tel Aviv, 64043, Israel; Telephone: 974-3-524-3997; Fax: 972-3-524-3997.
  7. Anne Trister
    Léa Pool [1986, Canada, 35mm & video, 115 minutes, color, French w/English subtitles] @PQ
    Anne Trister (Albane Guilhe), a young Israeli artist, goes to Montreal upon the death of her father. She stays with her older friend Alix (Louise Marleau), a psychologist, and soon falls in love with her.
  8. Another Shadow [Tzel Acher]
    Asullin, Ron [Israel, film, Hebrew]
  9. As Is
    Michael Lindsay-Hogg [1986, USA, video, 120 minutes, color, English]
    Print source: Karl-Lorimar Home Video Inc., 17942 Cowan, Irvine, CA 92714 and Karl-Lorimar Home Video Canada, Ltd., 70 The Esplanade, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5E 1R2.
  10. Ash and Hatred
    Israel Seyger & Ido Ricklin [1990, Israel, 16mm, 5 minutes, color, Hebrew] @PQ
  11. At Home [Baba'it]
    Jonathan Segal [1987, Israel, video, 29 minutes, color, Hebrew w/English subtitles] @PQ
    "The story of Alex and his older lover Gershon. Both men are playwrights. Both men are not equally successful. Yet, they manage to maintain a long time companionship, negotiating sex and love in ways which are all too familiar."
  12. Bad Jews in My Kitchen
    Alessandra Ogren & Tai Uhlmann [1996, USA, video, 21 minutes, b/w, English]
    "a series of intimate video vignettes of Jewish dykes who share the contradictions inherent in their identities. Kitchen table interviews capture a unique vitality and intelligence that results in a fresh contribution to Jewish lesbian representation."
    Print source: Alessandra Ogren & Tai Uhlmann, 415 Capp Street, San Francisco, CA 94110. Telephone: (415) 550-1617.
    See review: Young filmmakers straddle cross-cultural frontiers
  13. Bald
    Reena Mitchell Katz [1996, Canada, video, 6 minutes]
    "A non-literal exploration of memory, oral history and identity, Bald explores the intersections between learning Yiddish, shaving one's head and coming out."
  14. Bar 51
    Amos Gutman [1986, Israel, film, Hebrew]
  15. Before Stonewall: The Making of a Gay and Lesbian Community
    Greta Schiller [1986, USA, 16mm, 87 minutes, color & b/w, English] @PQ
    A history of homosexuality and the gay and lesbian community in the United States. Older lesbian and gay men recall the Bohemianism of the 1920s and 1930s, their participation in the armed forces in WWII, the Beatnik era, and McCarthyism of the 1950's. Discusses the emergence of gay and lesbian activism. Included is footage of Congregation Beth Simchat Torah's contingent and banner in an early New York City Pride Day parade.
  16. Beyond the Pale: The Celluloid Closet of Yiddish Film
    [aka: A YINGL MIT A YINGL HOT EPES A TAM: Lesbian & Gay Subtext in Yiddish Film]

    Eve Sicular [1994, USA, video, 100 minutes, b/w, English] @PQ
  17. The Boys In the Band
    William Friedkin [1970, USA, 35mm, laser disk & video, 117 minutes, color, English] @PQ
    Writer/Producer: Mart Crowley. Print source:Leo Productions/National General Pictures/Cinema Center Films.
  18. But I was a Girl
    Documents the life story of Frieda Belinfante, a Jewish lesbian who rose to prominence as an orchestra conductor after escaping Nazi persecution.
  19. Cancer in Two Voices
    Lucy Massie Phenix [1994, USA, 16mm, 43 minutes, color, English] @PQ
    Based on the home videotapes of Barbara Rosenblum and Sandra Butler.
    Print source: Women Make Movies, 462 Broadway, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10013. Phone: (212)925-0606; Fax: (212)925-2052.
  20. Celeste
    Percy Adlon [1991, Germany, video, 107 minutes, color, German w/English subtitles]
    Marcel Proust's life is portrayed as seen through the eyes of Celeste Albaret, his cook, companion, secretary, friend and surrogate mother for a period of nine years. Based on Celeste Albaret's book Monsieur Proust.
  21. Chicks in White Satin
    Elaine Holliman [1993, USA, 16mm, 27 minutes, color, English] @PQ
    Spiced with humor and intelligence, this student Academy Award-nominated film explores the universal themes of parental acceptance and matrimonial love. A lesbian couple are portrayed preparing for their wedding ceremony. Veils, bridal gowns and showers mark the journey joining one bride with another, and each mother and father with their daughters. Distributed by Holliman Productions, 2247 28th St A, Santa Monica. CA 90402 (310)396-5890.
  22. Citizen Cohn
    Frank Pierson [1992, USA, video, 112 minutes, color, English]
    A movie based upon the biography of Roy Cohn by Nicholas von Hoffman.
  23. Colonel Redl
    Istvan Szabo [1984, Germany, film & video, 144 minutes, color, German w/English subtitles]
    The story of Alfred Redl, the son of a poor railway worker who, through driving ambition, became the head of military intelligence and commander of the 8th army in Prague, and was later exposed as a homosexual and a spy [and Jewish]. Based on John Osborne's play A Patriot for Me.
  24. Cool
    Michael Achtman [1996, Canada, video, 9 minutes]
    &qout;It's so darn hard to be cool when cool is damaged goods.&qout;
  25. Complaints of a Dutiful Daughter
    Deborah Hoffmann [1994, USA, 16mm, 42 minutes, color, English] @PQ
  26. Costa Brava
    Marta Balletbò-Coll [1995, Spain, 35mm, 92 minutes, color, English] @PQ
  27. Crows
    Ayelet Menahemi [1987, Israel, 16mm, 45 minutes, color, Hebrew] @PQ
  28. Deaf Heaven
    Steve Levitt [1993, USA, 35mm & video, 25 minutes, color, English] @PQ
    "AIDS, angels, faith and the Holocaust ... a lot to cover in twenty-eight minutes.
    The film chronicles one day in the life of Paul Hudson, a young man whose lover, Matthew Bell, is lost in dementia in the final stages of AIDS. Paul wakes from the cacophony of names of friends who have died of AIDS to be told that Matt's long absent and homophobic parents are moving him back to Kansas. Paul has no recourse as Matt is not mentally competent to make his own decisions. Paul goes to a swimming pool for his daily reprieve from the hospital dramas. The characters from his drama appear in the pool with him. In the steam room, he is befriended by an old man, Jake...a survivor of Auschwitz. The core of the film is really about their friendship. A man struggling to survive what we think of now as unsurvivable... AIDS, being guided by someone who survived what we thought of as unsurvivable... the Holocaust. Again an audio visitation of these angels, real names of AIDS victims...and a miracle occurs at the hospital. Matt is able to spend his remaining time with his lover. The old man reappears and upon learning that Paul is HIV-negative, the older man passes a sword of Yiddish the Aydes...the job of the witness. He leaves the young man with a mission, something to work on after his friend dies. The last frames of the film hold a flip, a surprise to the identity of the old man.."
  29. Delius
    Israel Seyger & Ido Ricklin [1988, Israel, 16mm, 3 minutes, color] @PQ
    Two boys on some rocks with a video camera.
    Print source: Israel Seyger, Box 3069, 7 Smadar Street, Savyon, 56552 Israel.
  30. Desire: Sexuality in Germany 1910-1945
    Stuart Marshall [1989, UK, 16mm, 90 minutes, b/w & color, English] @PQ
    Rental available from Maya Vision in 16mm.
  31. Dinner at Bubbie's
    Ziad Touma [1994, Canada, video?, 11 minutes, color, English]
    Student film entry in 1994 Montreal Film Festival
  32. Donahue
    [1989, USA, video, color, English]
    "a Jewish lesbian couple, Connie and Ruth, who were married by a (reform) rabbi; Connie says she will not be put into the closet 'as a Jew, as a woman or as the lover of a left-handed person'" [Keith Howes "Broadcasting It" p. 408]
  33. Drifting [Nagoo'a]
    Amos Gutman [1983, Israel, 80 minutes, color, Hebrew w/English subtitles] @PQ
    The first Israeli film to look at gay life. "The story of Robi, a young film director who strongly desires to produce a long feature-film which, at the age of twenty-four, would be his first meaningful challenge. Robi is gay and this is his subject. However, despite his hard efforts to find financial backing, the plan to make the film falls through partly due to the difficult and unpopular subject he chooses and, partly as a result of Robi's detached and self-destructive personality. While the plot of the picture (which was never made) develops, Robi drifts into a state of apathetic acceptance and listlessly resigns himself to spending his days working in the small grocery store but, not before we, the audience, have had a good look into the lives of he and his friends."
  34. Emily and Gitta
    Tami Gold [1996, USA, video, 28 minutes, English]
    The story of Emily, the child of Holocaust survivors, and Gitta, who grew up in Germany thinking herself as innocent and not responsible for her parents' generation's actions during the war. They meet and begin a dance of emotional and erotic intimacy. Almost as soon as it begins, however, their relationship threatens to be torn apart by the histories and memories they do and do not share.
    Print source: Women Make Movies, 462 Broadway, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10013. Phone: (212)925-0606; Fax: (212)925-2052.
  35. Ernesto
    Salvatore Samperi [1978, Italy, 35mm & video, 98 minutes, color, Italian w/English subtitles] @PQ
    Ernesto, a middle class Jewish teenager in turn-of-the-century Italy, confronts his feelings about his homsexuality after an older dock worker "brings him out" and he falls in love with a fellow violin student. The film version, which includes a Passover Seder, differs widely from Umberto Saba's novel of the same name. In Saba's novel, Ernesto is definitely not Jewish and my gut feeling is that the director has made this change to explain Ernesto's econonic status; i.e. the stereotype that Jews are wealthy. [Note: Saba's mother was Jewish]
  36. An Evening Without Na'ama
    Moshe Zimmerman [1992, Israel, color]
    "... well-acted but utterly pointless exploration of a gaggle of vapid Tel Aviv trendoids -- a Madonnaesque fashion model, her gay escort, a film professor and a pair each of film students, pop singers and gossip columnists, to mention but a few -- who sit in a bar arguing over their relationships and conniving to get into each other's shorts. ... the film's endless roundelay of references to orifices, organs and copulations made me weep..." [Excerpt from Stuart Schoffman's review "What's Wrong With Christmas?" The Jerusalem Report (1992/08/13) p.50]
  37. Everything Relative
    Sharon Pollack [1996, USA, 35mm, 110 minutes, color, English] @PQ
  38. Fast Trip Long Drop
    Gregg Bordowitz [1994, USA, 16mm, 54 minutes, color, English] @PQ
    Musical score created and performed by the Klezmatics.
  39. For Better or Worse: Same-Sex Marriage
    By Elizabeth Vargas for ABC News:Turning Point [1996, USA, video, 45 minutes, color, English]
    First broadcasted Thursday, November 7, 1996. This documentary looks at the issue of same-sex marriage by interviewing four same-sex couples who chose to publicly marry. Includes members of the tribe: Sharon Silverstein, Doug Wythe and Andrew Merling. With two chupahs for the price of one video this is a must for all of us. Distributed by ABC News.
  40. For Love and for Life: The 1987 March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights
    JEB [1987, USA, video, color]
    One-hour documentary which, according to JEB, "reflects a Jewish consciousness."
  41. The Forbidden Love of the Hero
    Giovanni Minerba [1995, Italy, video, 36 minutes, color, Italian w/English subtitles?]
    "... a deceased Israeli Medical Corps Colonel's surviving partner attempts to obtain widower rights from the State of Israel."
  42. Fresh Blood: A consideration of Belonging
    B. H. Yael [1996, Canada, video, 55 minutes, color, English]
    "This autobiographical documentary traces the Toronto-based videomaker's meditations on Jewish racialized identity and politics, community and language, femininity and sexuality. Having left her native Israel at the age of 7, yael returns to her homeland with her mother and sister, taking her camera along for the journey. During this illuminating visit, she discovers her mother's Arab and Iraqi heritage and reunites with her biological father, who she hasn't seen in 24 years. Together with home movie-style footage of her sojourn, yael offers postcolonial commentary; and on a lighter and decidedly queer note, there is a day trip to Sodom and a performance by Israel's only professional male belly dancer."
  43. Freud Leaving Home [Freud flyttar heimfran]
    Susanne Bier [1991, Sweden, 35mm, 100 minutes, color, Swedish w/English subtitles]
    "Freud is the sexy, spirited, 25 year old daughter of Holocaust survivors Ruben and Rosha Cohen. Rosha is celebrating her 60th birthday with a lavish party, so Freud's wayward, Orthodox sister, Deborah, comes home from Israel, and her dreamy, gay brother, David, returns from the U.S. But this family reunion takes a decidedly chaotic turn when Rosha is suddenly hospitalized. Freud flees to the countryside and to love on a motorcycle, Deborah agonizes over an unwanted pregnancy, and David confronts his father's denial of his sexual preference. By the end of this hot Swedish summer, everyone in this vibrant, neurotic family experiences love, loss, and reconciliation." [SF Jewish Film Festival 1992]
  44. Gay Men and Spirituality
    Rita Deverell [1991, Canada, video, 30 minutes, color, English]
    The second episode of a three-part series titled "Men in the Feminist Era", it includes footage of an Erev Shabbat service held by Chutzpah (now Toronto's Congregation Keshet Shalom) as well as parts of an interview with a Chutzpah member.
  45. The Gold-Rimmed Spectacles
    [1988, UK?]
    "respected Dr. Ferugia (Philippe Noiret), ... facing persecution in Ferrara in the 1930s"
    [Keith Howes "Broadcasting It" p. 408]

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