Revised May 24, 2000

The Jewish GLBT Manual

Some of our stories...

The Jewish Gay Agenda

Essential Reading

Nice Jewish Girls:
A Lesbian Anthology

Edited by Evelyn Torton Beck

© 1982, 1989. Beacon Press, Boston.

Paperback [ISBN 0807079057]

Twice Blessed:
On Being Lesbian or Gay and Jewish

Edited by Christie Balka and Andy Rose

© 1989. Beacon Press, Boston.

Paperback [ISBN 080707909X]

Like Bread on the Seder Plate:
Jewish Lesbians and
the Transformation of Tradition

Rebecca Alpert

© 1997. Columbia University Press, NY.

Clothcover [ISBN 0231096607]

Journeys & Arrivals:
on being Gay and Jewish

Lev Raphael

© 1996. Faber and Faber, Boston.

Clothcover [ISBN 0571198821]

Confession of a Jewish Wagnerite:
Being Gay and Jewish in America

by Lawrence D. Mass

© 1995. Cassell, London.

Paperback [ISBN 0304331147]

Israeli Lesbians Talk About Sexuality,
Feminism, Judaism and Their Lives

Edited by Tracy Moore

© 1995. Cassell, London.

Paperback [ISBN 0304331589]

Speaking for Ourselves:
Short Stories by Jewish Lesbians

Edited by Irene Zahava

© 1990. The Crossing Press, Freedom, CA.

Paperback [ISBN 0895944286]