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Jewish GLBT-related Novels [A-N]
Also see Jewish GLBT-related Novels [O-Z]
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  1. Acid Snow.
    Larry Mitchell [1993. East Haven, CT:Inland Book Company. ISBN:0930762126]
  2. Anna Teller.
    Jo Sinclair [1960/1992. NY:Feminist Press/CUNY. ISBN:1558610553]
  3. Banana Rose.
    Natalie Goldberg [1995. NY:Bantam/Doubleday. ISBN:0553095277 055337513X]
  4. Behind the Door.
    Giorgio Bassani [1972. NY:Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. ISBN:0151116970 0156116855]
  5. Behold A Pale Horse.
    Lannon D. Reed [1985. San Francisco:Gay Sunshine Press. ISBN:0917342097]
  6. The Best Little Boy in the World.
    John Reid [1973. NY:G.P. Putnam's/Balantine. ISBN:0345343611]
  7. Beyond the Pale.
    Elana Dykewomon [1997. Vancouver, BC:Press Gang Publishers. ISBN:0889740747]
    Novel weaves lives of Russian Jewish lesbian emigres [review]
  8. Black Glass: A Sea Myth.
    Stuart Edelson [1993. Salem, OR:Dimi Press. ISBN:093162522X]
  9. The Boiled Frog Syndrome.
    Marty Rubin [1987. Boston:Alyson Publications. ISBN:1555831087]
  10. The Book of Billy.
    David Birman [1993. NY:Plutonia Press. ISBN:0963518100]
  11. The Boys in the Mail Room.
    Iris Rainer [1980. NY:Warner Books/William Morrow. ISBN:0688035620]
  12. Briar Rose.
    Jane Yolen [1992. NY:Tom Doherty Associates. ISBN:0312851359]
  13. The Bride Price.
    Grete Weil [1991. Boston:D.R. Godine. ISBN:0879238933 0812558626]
  14. Burning Houses.
    Andrew S. Harvey [1986. Boston:Houghton Mifflin Company. ISBN:0395404266]
  15. The Captain's Fire.
    J.S. Marcus [1996. NY:Alfred A. Knopf. ISBN:0679401849]
  16. The Changelings.
    Jo Sinclair [1955/1985. NY:Feminist Press. ISBN:0935312404]
  17. Choices.
    Nancy Toder [1980/1991. Boston:Alyson Publications. ISBN:0932870619]
  18. Compulsion.
    Meyer Levin [1956. NY:Simon and Schuster]
  19. Consenting Adult.
    Laura Z. Hobson [1975. Garden City, NY:Doubleday & Company, Inc. ISBN:0385034989]
  20. Costa Brava.
    Marta Balletbò-Coll [1997. Tallahassee, FL:Naiad Press. ISBN:1562801600] Novelization of the movie, see @PQ.
  21. Cowboy Blues: A Jake Lieberman Mystery.
    Stephen Lewis [1985. Boston:Alyson Publications. ISBN:0932870643]
  22. Cravings: A sensual memoir.
    Jyl Lynn Felman [1997. Beacon. ISBN:0807070742] review
  23. Crossing the Border: An Erotic Journey.
    Kim Chernin [1994. NY:Ballantine Books. ISBN:0449905225]
  24. The Custard Boys.
    John Rae [1960. NY:Farrar, Straus and Cudahy. LC:6111319]
  25. David at Olivet.
    Wallace Hamilton [1979. NY:St. Martin's Press. ISBN:0312183674]
  26. Detlev's Imitations [masks].
    Hubert Fichte [1992. NY:Serpent's Tail. ISBN:1852421673]
  27. Dreaming of Samarkand.
    Martin Booth [1989. London:Hutchinson. ISBN:009173813X]
  28. The Dyke and the Dybbuk.
    Ellen Galford [1993. London:Virago Press/Seal Press. ISBN:1853814490 1878067516]
  29. Eighty-sixed.
    David B. Feinberg [1989. NY:Penguin/Contemporary American Fiction. ISBN:0670823155 0140112529]
  30. Empathy.
    Sarah Schulman [1992. NY:Dutton/Plume. ISBN:0525935215 0452270499]
  31. Equal Affections.
    David Leavitt [1989. NY:Weidenfeld & Nicolson. ISBN:155584202X 0802135315]
  32. The Escape Artist.
    Judith Katz [1997. Ithaca, NY:Firebrand Books. ISBN:1563410842]
  33. Evidence.*WANTED
    John Weisman [1980. NY:Signet]
  34. Faggots.
    Larry Kramer [1978/1987. NY:Plume/New American Library. ISBN:0394410955 0452263964]
  35. A Fairy Tale.
    S. Steinberg [1980. NY:Delacorte Press. ISBN:0440000114 0440101816]
  36. Family Fictions.
    Richard Hall [1991. NY:Penguin Books. ISBN:0670837849 0140147969]
  37. The Far Euphrates.
    Aryeh Lev Stollman [1997. Putnam. ISBN:1573220752]
  38. The Franz Document.*WANTED
    Joseph Itiel [1989. Orchid House. ISBN:06852920239]
  39. The Frog Who Dared to Croak.
    Richard Sennett [1982. NY:Farrar, Straus & Giroux. ISBN:0374158843]
  40. Fugitive Blue.
    Dani Shapiro [1993. NY:Doubleday. ISBN:0385421079]
  41. The Gold-Rimmed Spectacles.
    Giorgio Bassani [1960. NY:Atheneum House/Faber and Faber]
  42. Go Down, Aaron.*WANTED
    Chirs Davison [196?. PR244X]
  43. Good Enough to Eat.
    Lesléa Newman [1988. Ithaca, NY:Firebrand Books. ISBN:932379214 0932379214]
  44. Good Night, Gentle Goy.
    Aaron Thomas [1968. San Diego:Phenix Publishers]
  45. Honour.
    Ann Decter [1996. Vancouver:Press Gang Publishing. ISBN:0889740577]
  46. How Are The Mighty Fallen.
    Thomas Burnett Swann [1974. NY:Daw Books]
  47. I Pass Like Night.
    Jonathan Ames [1990. NY:Vintage Books. ISBN:0679728570]
  48. I'll Take It.
    Paul Rudnick [1989/1990. NY:Alfred A. Knopf/Ballantine. ISBN:034536225X]
  49. In Every Laugh a Tear.
    Lesléa Newman [1992. Norwich, VT:New Victoria Publishers. ISBN:0934678464]
  50. In Thrall.
    Jane DeLynn [1982. NY:Clarkson N. Potter, Inc. ISBN:0517541009]
  51. The Indoor Boy.
    Antony Sher [1991. London: Chatto & Windus/Viking. ISBN:0701136871 067084456X]
  52. Jack The Modernist.
    Robert Glück [1985. NY:Gay Presses of New York. ISBN:091401711X]
  53. Jigsaw.
    Geoffrey Linden [1974. NY:Avon Books. ISBN:0380001489]
  54. Keep the River on your Right.
    Tobias Schneebaum [1982. NY:Grove Press. ISBN:0802131336]
  55. Keep To Me, Stranger.
    Sarah Aldridge [1989 Tallahassee, FL:Naiad Press. ISBN:094148338X]
  56. The King of Kings and I.
    Jaffe Cohen [November 1997. HarperSanFrancisco. ISBN:006215012]
  57. Koptic Court.*WANTED
    Herbert Kastle [1958. NY:Simon & Schuster]
  58. The Law of Return.
    Alice Bloch [1983. Boston:Alyson Publications. ISBN:0930436199]
  59. Learning to Drive.
    William Norwich [1996. NY:Atlantic Monthly Press. ISBN:0871136317]
  60. Let's Get Criminal.
    Lev Raphael [1996. NY:St. Martin's Press. ISBN:0312139993 0312151608]
  61. like a river of lions.*WANTED
    Tana de Gámez [1962. Greenwich, CT:New York Graphic Society]
  62. Lovers and Heretics.*WANTED
    John Hale [1976. London:Victor Gollancz Ltd.]
  63. Making Do.
    Paul Goodman [1963.NY:MacMillan. LC:6316105]
  64. Martin and John.
    Dale Peck [1993. Farrar Straus Giroux/HarperPerennial. ISBN:0374203113 0060975881]
  65. Middle Ground.
    Zilinsky, Ursula [1968/1970/1987. NY:J. B. Lippincott/Bantam. LC:6824140]
  66. Mountain Climbing In Sheridan Square.
    Stan Leventhal [1988. Austin, TX:Banned Books. ISBN:0934411085]
  67. The Mysteries of Pittsburgh.
    Michael Chabon [1988. NY:William Morrow/HarperCollins. ISBN:0688076327 0060972122]
  68. A Nearness of Evil.
    Carley Mills [1961. NY:Coward McCann, Inc. LC:615425]
  69. New Boy.
    William Sutcliffe [1996. London:Penguin. ISBN:0140255931]
  70. No coward soul is mine.*WANTED
    Fred Uhlman [1985. William Collins Sons & Co]

Also see Jewish GLBT-related Novels [O-Z]