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Although there is nothing "bear-like" about the torso in this illustration, it is a striking way of graphically integrating being Jewish and gay (or should that be Israeli and gay?)


Who really is
Ethan Green?

Eric Orner, creator of "The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green" talking about his creation "Ethan Green":

"Ethan's not autobiographical. He's a composite of me and lots of different people I've known. In a lot of superficial ways, he's very similar to me; short, irascible, vaguely culturally Jewish, he's got a cat named Lucy. But those are superficial things. I'm not writing the story of my life and putting Ethan's name on it."

For more information, visit "The Mostly Unfabulous Homepage of Ethan Green"

Jewish Gay Erotica

This picture is a detail from an illustration by Greg which appeared in the July 1985 issue of Mandate Magazine (page 36).

This is one of only a few published Jewish gay erotic artworks that the Archives has been able to find.

Fortunately, the Archives has been able to locate some Jewish gay and lesbian erotic film, video and photographic images.

Please contact the Archives if you know of any Jewish gay or lesbian erotic art, published or otherwise.

A Gay Jewish Valentine?

This is the cover of a valentine card which I made two years ago for a friend to give to his lover.

The image is meant to look like my friend as well as reflect his sexual identity and fantasies.

I couldn't resist the opportunity to include his Jewish identity by suggestively arranging the rope confirguration.

Ken and Harry

This cartoon cell is from "Ken and Harry" by Howard Stangroom and Stephen Lowther © 1988?

Ken calls to tell his mother that he's met someone special. He admits that the "cute blonde nurse... from England" is not Jewish.

He can't bring himself to tell his mother that "her" name is "Harry."

The real "Brenda" Shapiro?

This cartoon cell is from "The Super Succulent Adventures of Harry Chess" series by A. Jay 1988?

The character "Brenda" Shapiro has appeared periodically.

Given that A. Jay's real name is Al Shapiro, we're wondering if "Brenda" is really Al visiting his own cartoon.

Good Night, Gentle Goy

Cover illustration for a 1968 "adult" paperback novel by "Aaron Thomas"

Aaron and Paul meet and fall in love. Paul gets seduced by a Hollywood starlet. Aaron becomes psychotic; he tries to kill Paul and the offending starlet but ends up killing himself instead. Paul lives happily ever after in heterosexual bliss.