Teacher Training Symposiums

To support the implementation of the FAIR Education Act within California K-12 schools, the ONE Archives Foundation has partnered with UCLA Center X and the Los Angeles LGBT Center to host Professional Development (PD) symposiums at ONE Archives at the USC Libraries for cohorts of K-12 teachers from the greater Los Angeles area.

Through these symposiums, the teachers have an opportunity to conduct research and work directly with archivists and the ONE Archives Foundation’s staff to access rare historical materials and other resources created by the ONE Archives Foundation. Utilizing their research, the teachers are required to develop comprehensive LGBTQ history lesson plans (especially for 11th grade U.S. History) and LGBTQ inclusive programming for their students. The PDs also include lectures on 20th century LGBTQ history in the United States, model lessons, and sensitivity trainings.

To learn about and download the LGBTQ lesson plans created at 2018’s Teacher Training Symposium, please click here.