Fati ZulaikhaExhibition and Program Assistant

Fati Zulaikha is the Exhibition and Program Assistant at ONE Archives Foundation.

Fati graduated with honors from Loyola Marymount University with a BA in Studio Arts in 2020, with a concentration in Multimedia Arts and interdisciplinary study in the African-American Studies, Women and Gender Studies, and Psychology departments. Their thesis work was a multisensory physical-turned-virtual installation titled Confessions, which explored a queering and abstraction of a womb, and the notions of comfort and intimacy that is associated with it. During their time at LMU, they participated in several social justice and cultural immersion focused initiatives and extracurriculars, such as the Casa de La Mateada program in Córdoba, Argentina.  

Fati is an Artivist whose creative work meets at the intersections of healing and social justices. This passion has led them to work with organizations where they can further decolonial, communal, intersectional, and radical healing practices through the arts. In this pursuit they have served as a Getty Undergraduate Intern with St. Elmo Village as a Workshop Facilitator and Graphic Designer (Los Angeles, Summer 2018) and 18th Street Arts Center (Santa Monica, Summer 2020) as the Curatorial Intern. They have volunteered with international and domestic LGBTQ+, restorative justice, and racial justice focused organizations. Currently, they serve as a Teacher Assistant at the Brentwood Arts Center. 

Fati lives in North Hollywood with their partner, two cats, and mounds of tea. 

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