Youspeak Radio

intergenerational audio stories
led by LGBTQ+ youth

What does our past, present, and future sound like? What can we learn from our LGBTQ+ elders?

Youspeak Radio is an audio project that explores intergenerational dialogs led by LGBTQ+ youth. In this project, youth participants produce audio stories through their voice and viewpoint, addressing their concerns regarding the past, present, and future. Youspeak Radio is an extension of the Youth Ambassadors for Queer History program organized by ONE Archives Foundation.

Each youth participant interviews and is paired with an LGBTQ +adult leader through a process managed by staff in order to ensure youth privacy and safety. Over a four-month period, participants acquire knowledge in storytelling, audio documentary, and oral history, in addition to learning about LGBTQ+ history and collections from partner institution ONE Archives at the USC Libraries.* Final audio stories are released at an event featuring a guest speaker, along with invited family, friends, and community members.

Applications for 2023 cohort are now closed. Questions? Please email us at

Join us using the hashtag #youspeakradio

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This project was made possible with support from the Dwight Stuart Youth Fund and the California Humanities, a non-profit partner of the National Endowment for the Humanities. Visit

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