Youth Ambassadors for Queer History


Through hands-on research projects and workshop sessions, the ONE Archives Foundation trains and mentors a core group of high school student leaders from across the greater Los Angeles area to become peer ambassadors for LGBTQ history and culture in their communities. Starting this September, in its inaugural year, the Youth Ambassadors for Queer History Program will take place every other Saturday throughout the 2018-2019 academic year. The program includes LGBTQ history lessons by scholars, historians, and community leaders, research and writing sessions at ONE Archives at the USC Libraries, and field trips to LGBTQ organizations and landmarks.

Synthesizing the knowledge gained from these activities and experiences, the students will create History Panels and other resources on topics such as the history of LGBTQ people of color in Los Angeles and beyond, LGBTQ individuals in performing arts and sports, history of LGBTQIA+ identities and more. Through this program, not only will students be able to utilize their perspectives in depicting LGBTQ history, but they will also gain community service hours, professional research and writing experience to ensure college readiness, collaborate with university professors, and share LGBTQ history with their peers. We look forward to expanding this program to statewide and nationwide levels within the near future.

To learn more, please email Erik Adamian, Education and Outreach Manager, at